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The real estate in Bulgaria

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Burgas is a morden municipal and regional center with a population of about 226,000 inhabitants. Burgas structure is a typical for the Bulgarian towns - a central city part, in which the main administrative buildings, the cultural institutions and the trade areas are located, and suburb parts where the living areas are located with their infrastructure and recreation parks. What is typical for Burgas is its orientation to the east - to the sea.

In 5 kilometers from the center is Sarafovo district. It's a wonderfull quiet and comfortable place for the rest and living. Sarafovo is the one of the most popular places for buying apartments and investment. Sarafovo is situated on the hill, on the shore front of the sea where from are wonderful views of Burgas and little health resort towns on the shore front of Burgas creek such as Sozopol and Pomorie.

Sarafovo has uniquie nature features which make it an ideal place for permanent vacation. Pure mountain, forest and sea air. Wide offshore zone in length 4 km is covered with black sand which contains a lot of ferrum and magnesium. High temperature of sea water allow to prolong swimming time until october. because of being low-angle and naked sea bed is favourably for swimming of children.


The real estate in Bulgaria. Company Sistema-Ru