The real estate in Bulgaria. Company Sistema-Ru
The real estate in Bulgaria


At finished apartments in Sarafovo used only high quality and ecological materials.


  • noise-insulation "FIBRAN"
  • cement ties
  • laminate in living rooms
  • ceramic floor tile in bathrooms and kitchens and ceramic tile floor - in the corridors and stair marches


  • priming
  • putty
  • colouring latex paint


  • in the accommodation and kitchen - sheetrock plaster coloring latex paint
  • bathroom - faience tiles on the wall

Doors in all rooms (MDF).

Bathrooms are equipped with an electric heater accumulating (80 liters) and shower.

Kitchens are equipped with washbasins, faucets and electric fans.

Bath Rooms are equipped with toilet, washbasins and faucets.

Windows: glass of PVC profile.

Balconies: metal fence.

Sewage and water: central.

Hot water: local savings electric water heaters.


  • in the apartments - electric cables
  • telephone cables
  • electric meter sockets
  • switches and fixtures

Climatic technics "Samsung" - set in the living room of every apartment.

Door intercommunication system and the signal system: in each apartment.

Apartments are completely finished. We can help with the budget (and not only) furnishing an apartment.


The real estate in Bulgaria. Company Sistema-Ru